Friday, July 30, 2010

A Big Thanks You for all The Emails and NEW MERCHANDISE!!!!

Hey everyone!!  I missed you and am sorry it has been so long.  I have tons of news to share and some really great things.  Where to begin....The is a GO!!!  I will show you all the progress as we restore this Wonderful Old Beauty!!  Next, an apology to all of you Loyal Shoppers, and to Old South.  I can't open a booth, I am having some pretty serious Health Problems and Complications with Lupus.  So I had to make choices.  I want what ever I do to be the best it can be...and I knew I couldn't give my booth the time it deserved.  But you go and shop and tell everyone I sent you.  Send me photos, I will help you decide and I will be happy to give advice or come and help all I can.   I chose to work on furniture and pretties as I can and offer them to you from my storage unit or maybe my New House when we finish.  I chose to be able to do Your Decorating Jobs and Spend Time With You!!  Thanks all for your understanding.

Next Big News is My Sweet Thomas is going to be on TV Saturday Night.  He will be on Late Night Whim Style at 11:30 CST On Fox WDFX.  Not only is he the Sweetest Man and Most Wonderful Husband who builds all these great things for me to Paint and Finish For You...He also Writes and He has written a book and is working on another.  His Books are For Sale at Vintage Chic on Foster Street  Historic Down Town Dothan, Al. This is a link to his Blog...he is a funny, funny man.

OK...How do you like the table at the beginning of my post???  Yes, Thomas built it and he did a Fabulous Job as usual.  It is perfect for a Kitchen, an Apartment or a Small Dinning Room.  The Table Alone works well as a Sofa Table or Writing Desk. It measures 53 Inches in Length, 34 5/8 Inches wide and Stands 31 Inches Tall.  It has the Bread Board End...$75 !!  Take a closer look at the legs
Yes..Too Sweet.  I love the contrast of the White and The Stained Top..All Rough center cut Oak, I sanded and did a mixture of stains to get just the right color then I put on a Clear Coat  so sit anything on it....I can See This Set on a Porch!!!  Look closer at the Legs...
Now a closer Look at the Benches.

The Benches are $15 Each or.....Buy the Benches and The Table as a Set for $100 !!!!

They Measure 18 Inches Tall, 27 3/4  in Length and 10 1/2 in width.

I have a pair of Wooden Seat Chairs that I could Paint and make them match or...I thought maybe a color on them .  Sorry the ones in the photo are mine. 

Did you notice the Great Stone Ware Italian Pottery Bowl  .  Lots of Crazing ...But its not perfect, there is a crack and I guess that is one of the reasons I Love it!  Imperfect just makes for more Personality!  It is big and aged and perfect for fruit or fresh Veggies on your Bar or Table.  Great on its on or add a Few Bright Blocks or Balls.  $8.00.

Look at all this Very Cool Stuff.   I have decided I really like letters..Words to just sit around.  Here are some letters I thought would be great in your Child's Room, a Dorm Room...On a Shelf, a Desk, even the Kitchen Counter. 
The "S" is $8.00, The "E" & "R" are $5.00.  I will have words on my next Post.The Pair of Pottery Barn Green Candle Holders are $5.00.
This Great Chunky Blue Candle Holder is $8.00.
This can be used anywhere on anything with anything!!  I Love Big Chunky Candle Holders!!!

This picture doesn't do it justice....Vibrant Colors $15.00
The Pair of these are $10....

This is so Sweet, Bessie Pease Print.  Just Sweetness $10.00.
Now this is just so Interesting to me...I was going to use it in the mall to hang small letters or Easter Eggs or Christmas Ornaments....just everything or anything!!  I just thought it was extremely functional and So Cool!!   Look at the bottom
Great huh????  $8.00
This is A Wonderful Chunky Butcher Block.....It has been loved,  It measures 10 3/4 x 10 3/4 square.
Just the Perfect Piece to Display or Use  $20.00

Now on to another Great Piece of Furniture.  Thomas Took an Old Door and did some Amazing Things....

I Just Love This....It is a Vanilla Distress, He kept the Old Embossed Door Knob.

It Measures 23 7/8 Inches in Width and 72 3/8 Inches Tall.  Look at the Details.  He Did all the Detailing.  Take a Look at the Shelves, The Wonderful Scroll Work...He is an Amazing Person, as my Friend Donna says "He Does Good Work".

Sweet Top, Great Shelf for a Collection...

The Wonderful Old Embossed Door Knob in all it's Rusty Glory

The Shelf Brackets match for both the top Shelf and the Writing  Space (bottom shelf)
The Writing area Measures 14 Inches Deep and 23 3/4 inches Wide.
Perfect for your Lap Top
Or to use as a ladies Writing Desk.  Maybe a Foyer Piece, Or just that Perfect something for your collectibles!!  $125.00
I have paired the Door Secretary with this Vintage Chair.  All Original Finish...a Warm Walnut and OOdles of Details.  $30. 

But Buy them as a Pair  $135.00.

Take a closer look at the chair, new Upholstery
Great Piece!!

Ok, That is all for today, but I will not stay away as long...Promise.  Thanks to all of you ...You are so Wonderful to me.  Thanks for your Business, Thanks for your Loyalty and Thanks for Visiting my Blog!!

Don't Forget My Friend Donna, She Makes Fabulous Signs....

Remember to tell me what you think...Leave me a Post on here!..It is Easy, just follow the prompts, at the very end it says "Post a Comment".  Please Do!!  And Please Become a Follower!!!

I am only a Phone Call, Text or Email Away!.  You Can Have a Warm, Wonderful, Welcoming Home with Out Spending A Ton of Money....I Can Help!!!

Stay in Touch and Try to Stay Cool!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Home on the Horizon???

Where to begin.....A House built in 1893, it needs to be Loved!!  I have spent the last week of restless nights...Can I do this Again?  DO I want to do this again?  Why would I even consider doing this again.....I think the moment I drove up into the yard the first day that I wanted to Love this Old House.  I know that I can make the House Sing Again.

I Love All the Original Brick Work around the foundation.  Love is a Strong Word and Yes I will probably use it often it my process of showing you the possibilities that I see in this Sad House.

See?  It is Old and Lovely and Worn.  I think that the Brick speaks to me, it speaks of all the years it has stood fast and sturdy to support the many families that have lived within the walls of this house.  I love the Brick!!

Notice one of the columns are missing...the front door is a metal glass thing of horrible gray.  One side light is missing and the other is out of place.  Nothing is all gone.  But there is a door I found inside that I think may become the front.  I don't know yet, but there will be a beautiful door and side lights.  There will be a porch swing with cushy pillows meant for snuggling.  There will be a couple of rockers for my grand daughters to sit and gossip and giggle in.   And 4 Square columns that have been lost over time.   I think Square columns will bring back the Cottage appeal of this Old Home.
Some of the Glass is still the wonderful Old Wavy Glass.  I called Circle City Glass and they have some Wavy Glass. That excites me.  The house has been clad in siding and Thomas says it has to stay.  It was done well and the old structure is protected.  There is also a new roof.  So...on with the tour.
This is a view from the side.  There is an addition on the back.  Some of the windows have been replaced, a deck built and a massive ugly heat and air unit.  I am very happy that the house already has heat and air.  That is such a major cost.    I can see a large gathering area on the side of the house.  Thomas says he will disguise the heating and air monstrosity.
I Love the Old Slat Shutters on the House.  They need to come down and be sanded and painted but I didn't find any rot.  I was so surprised and very Happy!!
The deck and addition from the back corner.
The back corner of the yard.
The very back, it shows how the addition was done.  The major part of the addition is the den but the part we see now is the only bathroom in the house.
The other side of the house.

Now, sit down...we are going in!  It is scary.  But try to envision with me the Beauty of what it can be.

Horrible wall paper, blinding burgundy and green carpet....horrible stuff.  But I think I can remove all the paper, add some texture to the walls to give it a little something and I think I can live with this.  I will carpet the den and add shutters to the windows.  Fill it with Old and New furniture and learn to love it! 
This is the side coming in from the back door.

The opposite side and....

The side where you enter the kitchen.

Now, we are going into the kitchen and remember I have a vision for this kitchen....

Cabinets will go..a simple Farm house Style Cabinetry.  I think in a linen with an olive green undertone on the cabinets. Just a hint of color.  But I will be the one to finish them.  I know the color, the know the exact texture that I want. Here are some inspirational photos....
Something similar to this.  Even an Island that is not to big but still provides usable space with out taking up all the walk around room needed in a kitchen. But, I want the Island in a distressed Black with some Embellishments.  Thomas and I have talked about it.  He has drawn it for me and we have a plan.  I will be able to have a couple of bar stools.  I already have some really great Corian with so much movement.  I think it will be perfect on the island. Mixed with the color I want the cabinets...I think I will like it with pale olive and black of the cabinetry...I think I have a plan!  Here is another idea, I want a farm sink.. but Thomas likes a divided sink, so this one is not for sure.
Love the sink, love the cabinet colors but just not this dark for me.  I found a slab of White marble and I really think that it will become my counter tops with the pale olive linen finish simple cabinetry.  A Farm Sink and a Black or Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet.  Half Moon draw Pulls and a Nice Round Textured Handle on the Doors all in the same finish as the Faucet.

I have a cabinet for the opposite wall that holds and displays all my Blue Willow, Flo Blue and  Cobalt  Glass ware. eat in kitchen, just a couple of bar stools.  The Dining room will serve its intended purpose!

Like this simple style as well.  To be decided.  Now I have given the floors great thought.  I love Wood in the Kitchen.  My friend Donna says no.  I have had wood and tile.  I have placed both in clients homes.  But I want something unique for this home.  I want to walk in and Love the Floors.  So...if I am sure of nothing else, I am sure of the Floors I want in the Kitchen and Dining Room.

This is what I want.  I have very eclectic taste. I have primitives, I have traditional and even French Furniture.  So I want a floor that says...I was thought about, planned, wanted and I work with everything this crazy woman has lovingly placed on top of me!!  Are y'all with me?  Can you see this so far??

I don't want to over whelm I am going to stop for the time being.  I want your feedback.  I want to know what you think about the plans I have so far.  Leave me a message on my blog....please become a follower and come on this journey with me. 

In other news...I am going to start painting the booth at Old South, and getting it ready to open.  I plan on being open by the 17th of July. I will have Fabulous stuff just for you.  Lots of re-purposed pieces....tons of custom build things by Thomas and lots of old comfortable things!! He has build a Fabulous Secretary from an Old Door.  Wait until you see the Table he built....the legs are just perfect!! I have lots of accessories also!! Check back, I will have a coupon you can print to get 15% off everything in the booth for the Grand Opening!!

Donna of  Tingle Lane Primitives  will be joining me with her Wonderful Hand Made Signage.

I look forward to being back out there and taking care of all of you!!  Remember I am only a phone call, email or text away!  You can have a Warm, Welcoming Beautiful Home with out Spending a Fortune.

See You Soon..Try to Stay Cool!!