Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Finished Projects....and More Goodies!

I always put a little of ME into each post I do....I Love Birds and Botanicals, so these are my newest editions.

I found the top one at a yard sale some time ago but the matting and the frame were not so much me.  I took it all apart this morning and used a light stain to give the mat a hint of color and I rubbed the frame with black   I love black in furniture, art...just about anyway  you can use it!

The bottom are a pair of very sweet postcards I purchased from Berna Dean at Vintage Chic downtown Dothan, Al and have had them for a while also.  A couple of weeks back I found this black double frame at another yard sale but again the very white Mat left me cold!! So I took the same stain and really drenched the bottom mat, and lightly rubbed the top.  When it is all put together...I Love It!  I love the aged look, the distressed feel.  I think it works well in the black frame and now the Sweet Birds are the Focus...I am happy!!

I have a few before and after photos of some finished furniture and a few photos from the always full storage unit.  I am working on furniture this week so if you see something before I work on it...give me a call.  Or if you something that is finished....
A solid wood cabinet, no back...just a blank canvas

Added some cute little feet and sanded it to prepare it for paint but I noticed the wood is so pretty so...I just oiled it and painted the hardware black.

Take a look inside now.... Nice storage.  A shelf and finished off with a back.  Works really well beside a bed, a sofa or even in a Foyer.  $30

Found this cute little bookshelf table and it just hadn't been loved in a while.  So....
I sanded it and painted it white...I liked the white but it just needed to be a little shabbier....

So I sanded it again to shabby it and put a light mahogany glaze on it and now it has almost a pink tint.  Not really but, really cute.

See?  Just a hint!
Love the Shabby Details.
Now it needs to rest beside your bed or nestle next to your favorite reading chair. $15

Speaking of Chairs and Pink....this one is in my storage unit and it needs a home!  It is Fuchsia Cord.  Great Shape...needs to be cleaned but, no tears, no stains...Rocks and Swivels!!  And it is perfect for the little shabby table.   $50

 This bench had been mistreated....abused.  Someone tried to stain over needed help.

I Sanded and Painted and Glazed and now it is ready to rest at the foot of your bed.  Nice deep color with a hint of black.  $18

Take a Peek at this Mid Century Beauty!!  All Original.  Lovely shade of almost Jade....Original Finial...Original Shade with all its Great Detailing!

2 Sockets
Yes they work and you only have to use one side at a time.  They each have individual pulls!!
The Shade is fabulous.....$45
One of those things in the storage unit....great art, nice frame  $15
Check out this Sturdy Rustic Piece!!  Nice and Heavy...this piece can take whatever abuse you can give.  Great for a boys room or in the Den beside a Chair  $18
Great Wood Grain and Finish!
Love the Details and Curve of this Mirror.  Black with some Gold Detailing.  The glass is fine, I was taking it out to deliver it to the storage unit and coming from the very cool house to the humid outside caused the mirror to fog.   $50
Such a Gentle Curve....
Just another photo of some of the things I featured today.

 Now I will leave you with a few shots of a few of the things in storage that I will start my journey with this week...

There are 4 of these...Look at the wonderful folding slated camp chairs....I have 4 of these also

Have a pair of these, the lamps are a Pale Green and the shades are a Rusty Red.

Let me know if you see anything....The back of my car is full also.  I have lots to do and a booth to open...but I have plenty to go around!!!

Try to Stay Cool if you go out...Don't forget the sun screen!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Weekend......Saturday Morning Farmers Market, Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and A Quiet Sunday Ride with Mr Hedley

Saturday Morning we visited the Farmers Market in Down Town Dothan, Alabama!!  This is held every Saturday in the summer months in the parking lot of the Civic Center and is sponsored by the Down Town Group.  This was our first visit and well worth it!!  There was a flurry of activity.  Plenty to see, lots or folks to visit with and array of wonderful Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers and Honey!!
One of my favorite stops....Fresh Blueberry Lemonade....So good on a hot day!  Made fresh as your order!
Thomas is making a very silly face....I am not sure if he or the sweet lady making the wonderful drink wanted their picture taken.

There was so much to choose from...we bought some here...some there and took lots of wonderful goodies home. 

We have had yummy Slocomb Tomatoe Sandwiches, Cold Watermelon and tonight we are having some of these peas...I can't wait. 

If you haven't been...go!  And lets all support our Farmers!

But that is not all I found at the Market....

Beautiful Baskets...being made as we watched.

A Family Business

Organic Milk

Hand Made Pottery...and she offers classes

Lynn Koning is now teaching the Pottery Wheel Classes

Beautiful Pieces and Very Reasonably Priced!

Mildred's is a staple in Dothan...her tea room is known far and wide.


Call for special event plans, catering or just for reservations....
Mildred McClintic  334-702-9030

Doesn't this make you want to call NOW!!!

There are always activities for the children.

This week it was making art with Fresh Vegetables....
Some of the finished Master Pieces!!

This is all sponsored by the Down Town Group...Pictured here are the Volunteers from the First Baptist Church in Dothan.

This is a great outing for the entire family...Make sure to wear sunscreen....and plan on staying a while!!

We left there and headed over to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch.  It is always good, and the air conditioning feels so good after being outside.  I ran into some of my friends from the volunteer group there too, taking advantage of the wonderful salad bar...

Amy will open the door with a warm smile
Cricket is the bartender on Saturdays and makes a wonderful Peach Tea....
Lots of friendly servers will take care of you 
And...this handsome man just happens to be my oldest son John...

Please tell him to smile when you go in and also tell him mom says hi!!

That is Clay in the background, he will take care of your to go orders

We ended our nice relaxing weekend with a drive with Mr Hedley on Sunday

For those of you who don't know, Mr Hedley is our Kitty Cat and Yes, he rides.   His favorite place is behind my head and the headrest..nice and secure.

Thanks for visiting...I have lots of furniture and goodies for you all tomorrow....

So come back ..

Until Monday...Take Care..Stay Cool!!