Monday, June 14, 2010

Announcement....Drum Roll...What do you think???

Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Monday!!  I have a Ton of New "Old Stuff" Working on several Projects, Still at a Clients house and have made a Big Decision!!

Just about everything from my previous post is gone...Thank You All For Coming to My Storage Unit in this Horrible Heat!!!  I am just surprised we all Survived it!!  But, it is only going to get hotter.  I don't know about you, but the heat just drains me.  So....I have made the decision to go back into an Antique Mall....Now Wait, I will still offer Great Prices!!!  I promise!!  I need to have things in an area where you can go at your leisure during regular business hours and browse.  So I am going back to Old South Antique Mall!!  I should be moved in by this weekend.  Hopefully!!  I have looked at retail space and I just can't be in a shop all the time.  My friend Donna Tingle with Tingle Lane Primitives will be joining me with her Signs.  If  you don't find what you want you can always contact either of us directly for custom orders or with your WISH list! I will post photos of the we work on it...and when it is completed.  Now on to some great things....

 I Found Luca's Chairs!!  Actually Donna called me to come to a yard sale on Saturday to look at a set of Gorgeous Windsor Chairs.  When I drove up I knew these would find a new home at Luca's!!  They are just Wonderful.  We got them at a Steal and She could not be happier.  The color scheme in Luca's house is Rusty Red and Black mixed with all her lovely things.  Things she has found, or I have found or Thomas built so, I am going to Paint and Lightly distress the Side Chairs in Black for dimension.  Luca is always gracious and allows us to share the photos of her home!  Thanks Luca!!

I want to say thanks to some of our New Friends...Thanks Diane, hope the beach is wonderful and so happy I could help you with a couple of pieces for your New Beach Cottage!!  Thanks Krystal for all the purchases and I have your Wish List and will let you know when I find something else Wonderful for you.  Alicia you have been wonderful and thanks for bringing your friend to shop.

A Special Hello to my friend Nikki whose mom is in Shand's....I am thinking of you and please let me know if I can help.  Actually Nikki is looking for someone to help her with her Dogs, either to board them or to make house visits.

I will leave you with one of  Donna's newest creations.  Remember she takes custom orders and does a Fabulous job.  Or,  Contact her through her blog....

Check back in for the New Booth and Please make plans to come and see me!!!

Everyone Try to Stay Cool....


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Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are going into Old South. I know it will take a "load" off of your shoulders. I finished my dinning room and the baskets were the perfect touch. I will have to send you a few pictures.

Let me know where your booth is in Old South and I am sure my Husband and I will venture through it. Thanks for working with me! :)

Alicia Reynolds