Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Windy Rainy Day in My Little Part of the World.....

I have been washing things and digging in tubbies to find some little things that might interest all of you.  I have a lot of small pretties and some furniture pieces. Most everything in this photo is for sale.  With the exception of the Bunnies and Birds.  I love Birds and the bunnies have been with me since...well forever.  The White Bunny was my Grandmother's and the Straw Bunnies have been with me since my 31 year old was small.  So, every Easter they Grace the Table or Buffet, but they are always present.

Just a Small Biscuit Jar or Ice Bucket..Nothing Fancy but it is great for Fresh Flowers.  $2.00   SOLD
Another Little Sweet Thing...A Jam Jar with a Stainless Lid and Spoon.  $2.00   SOLD
These are Candlewick Snack Tray and Cup Sets.  Nice Old Collectibles.  I have 12 Complete sets.  Great for Brunch, Showers or just for Entertaining in General.  They sell for about $15 per set but I am passing on my bargain finds to you...I am asking $4.00 per.  But selling them in sets at least 6.  So, $24.99 for a set of 6 or $48 for all of them.  That is a great Deal!!   SOLD

I love White, this is a Beautiful Serving Piece or Display Piece with Sweet Details on the Handles.  Made in France $10.00   SOLD
A better photo

A Beautiful Platter, RosePoint by Steubenville Pottery 1966  $10.00  SOLD
Rose Details all around the Edge
So Sweet
So Pretty for Serving Sweets!!
Old English Garden by Royal Albert Bone China England 1996
$10.00  SOLD

Cute little Brass Piece with Inlay Pinkie/Lavender Color. Great for a Dresser for Jewelry or even in a Bath for Guest Soaps or as a Candle Holder $2.00 SOLD

A large Round Pewter Tray with a Shell Motif.SOLD
A Different view SOLD
The Shell and Details around the Edge.  $10.00 SOLD
A Set of 3 Decorative Plates. Black Toile on White with Articulated Borders, with just a little off white to make it pop!!  SOLD
Already has the Black Ribbon...Ready to Hang.
Set of 3 for $8.00   SOLD
Marble Cheese Server with Silver Grape Cluster $4.00   SOLD
This is a Beautiful Crystal Vase.  Round..Different.  So Lovely.  Elegant Enough to Rest in the Center of the Most Formal Table or Just Simple Enough to Hold Fresh Spring Flowers.  I can see it Elevated on a Pretty Crystal Cake Plate with Beautiful Roses on Your Dessert Table.  This is not a Small this to the table.  Beautiful
$20.00   SOLD

Sparkles in a China Cabinet!! SOLD
A Really Sturdy, Solid Oak Round Pedestal Table.  It is Perfect, Not a Scratch.  Measures 42 inches Round and Stands 29 1/2 Tall.  Perfect for 4.  Great for a Eat In Kitchen...$75.00  SOLD
A Country Kitchen?  A Game Table?? A New Apartment??  SOLD

You can not buy the pedestal or wood for $75

Too Cute!! Little Canister Set in White Enamel with Black Details!!  SOLD
Set of 3...Coffee, Tea and Sugar $8.00   SOLD
Fruit Art with Black Iron Details $4.00

French Provincial Server.  It is in its original State, I have not refinished or worked on it at all.  Thought I would offer it first to all of you who like a project!! It is a little Shabby and could be used as is.  It has a great Black Top that gives it extra detail.  It appears to be a tray that lifts off...but it doesn't.  It has Great Storage and Display Area. All Original handles and it has casters so moving is a breeze.   SOLD
The Front
and Display Area

This is not a large project if you want to keep it in light off white.  I will be happy to sand and repaint for you.  If  you want a special color or to stay the same.  If I do it, I think I will do it in a Soft Dove Gray.  I think it will be Beautiful.  But...Turquoise/Teal Would Rock!!  Shabby White...What ever fits your decor.

As is $45...Let's talk if you want me to tackle it for you!!   SOLD

The Mirror from Last week has not sold and it is the Perfect Piece to Hang over the Server...$20.   SOLD

This is my Sweet Kitty Cat Mr Hedley.  He was looking for Thomas and could not understand where he was. 
Photo Opp for Hedly...He is just about to attack fingers!!
Mid Century China Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors.  Self Handle Doors on the bottom.  Drawer for Silver or Flat ware.  Great Storage.   SOLD
I see that my Pictures are crooked.  We had to remove a large piece of art to display this piece...excuse the mess   SOLD
Above is inside the Glass, this shows you the area that is open under.
Solid Large Drawer
Lots of Storage Underneath   SOLD
Open both or just one door.

Wonderful Piece $99   SOLD

This chair is still available.  A great vintage Chair...$10

A large Lovely Print!!  Full of color and Personality!!  Heavy....It Measures 24 x 28!!   SOLD
The Light does not do this piece justice.  The first photo is hanging on my wall to show the colors in the Art and this one is on the floor, so you get more definition.   SOLD
Now you can really see the colors...This is a Beautiful Piece.  Wonderful for a dining Room, A Bedroom, A Bath...Any room in your home.    SOLD

A close up of the Details around the Piece..It really does have so much Personality.   SOLD
Medallions are on all Four corners.  It has a Slight distress.  I started to Repair but, I actually Love it.  It just simply adds more character.  For those of you who do not like Distress..some craft paint in raw umber will hide all the distressed areas.  $30.00   SOLD
I have another...just a little different.  But Perfectly Coordinated.... Same thing, hung here on the wall to see the definition   SOLD
Up Close...go back and look at the first one...a Subtle difference   SOLD
On the floor so you see the colors pop out.
This is the area that surrounds the flowers...
Just a little more..Sweet French Words $30.00
The Thickness of the frames.  I added new 50 pound these are ready to hand in your home.
If your purchase the pair $50.00.   SOLD

An Old Rocker...Still sits and Rocks just fine!  $10   SOLD
The Matching one...But it has a boo-boo.  It needs a new Rocker on the bottom $3.00   SOLD
A Beautiful Vintage Shelf...Let me give you a better photo and show the Details   SOLD
A Beautiful Old Piece...Fragile..$12.00   SOLD
A Nice Pastoral Scene with a Nice Frame with Black Details.  This is a Vintage Piece
A Little closer
The Frame.  $10.00
 A Wonderful Farm Table.  Stained Top with Black distressed Legs.   SOLD

The Table Measures 35 1/2 Wide x 60 Long  $85.00   SOLD
So Sweet Primitive Magazine Holder.  Original Red/Brown Paint.  Slightly Distressed.  Cute...Cute...Cute   SOLD
This may be a Tote...All I know is it is Darling!  Perfect for beside your Favorite Chair or in the Bath to hold your Magazines or even Rolled Towels.   $12.00   SOLD
Well you might clean it up before you put your towels in in it!!!!
Cute Little Vintage Side Table with oodles of details.   SOLD

The Edge is very detailed on both the top and bottom and the chunky middle is great.   SOLD
See...Great Details
Even the bottom
Great Table $20.00  SOLD

Ok...I think that is all I can do today.  But of course I still have more....just not today.

Remember...Things sell quickly, I do not hold. If you tell me you want it, it belongs to you .  First come.

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Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming Home with out Spending a Fortune...I Can Help!!

Ok...Start Shopping.  Call, Text or Email me.

Enjoy the Wonderful Windy Weather!!