Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day...Spring has Sprung and yes I have Stuff!!!!

Where to begin, the surgery was something that I am happy to never have to have again.  I believe that all my disposable organs have been removed. I know that sounds strange and no driving!!  The staying put and no driving, were very hard for me.  I like to be busy..need to be busy!  I posted on Face Book that I was ready to work and my phone started ringing.  It always makes me feel good to know that I am needed! Makes me feel wonderful to be able to do what I love doing.   And I love decorating..big jobs, small jobs or like the one coming up that we make big changes!!

I have been posting Client's Home Photos on my Face Book Page.  I have a Button on the Right side of this blog.  I will continue to add more and more photos, as well as the before that I am about to begin.

I am cleaning out my storage unit.  I really don't have the time to even go over there.  So I am doing a marathon of posts over the next few days of things.  Today is primarily small things, decorative things.  Furniture coming tomorrow. I have old, new and in between.  I cannot hold things, I held on my last post and I have still have some of those things.  So...if you want it, get in touch and I will be happy to meet you with the items that you want.  Everything is at my home.  But it will be first come.  I hope that does not sound harsh but I told many people things were taken/sold and erased their emails, only to have someone change their mind or just never come and pick it up.  So I just can't do it anymore.

Thought I would be back in an Antique Booth by now, but I was going to share a booth with a friend and she decided to downsize herself.  So I am thinking I will have a booth in the next month or so.  I have looked at Old South, The Highlands and the NEW Antique Mall  and I am torn.  Always loved Old South.  But business is business and I am leaning towards the new Mall.  It is centrally located.  Feed Back would be helpful and much appreciated!!

Too Sweet...Sweets Holder with a Dome!!  Great for Easter Goodies $18.00   SOLD

Beautiful Hand painted Bird Plate.  Soft and Vibrant at the same time.  Has the holes to use wire or Ribbon to Hand on the wall.  Or just sit it in a holder.  $10.00

Back of the plate.
Vaseline Green Depression Glass.  I have 3 that match and one that is just the Depression Green Glass.  I love these to make Small Fresh Arrangements in.  I like to give them as a gift for a dinner party or great to use as punch know I like to mix and match!!

Great to hold a bath to hold cotton balls.  So many uses.  $3.00 each   SOLD
Green Canister with the Grapes and Leaves. New Majolica.  Big Piece and mixes with lots of different things.  I love the color.   SOLD
 A little closer....
Nice Piece $10.00   SOLD
Similar Pattern.  Great Decorative Plate or a serving piece  $6.00   SOLD
Or...Hang the one above in a grouping with these.  All 4 of these  $15.00
All of it looks great together.  Or if you have a kitchen with Fruit, these would look really good over a door way...Lots of possibilities!!
How about a Spring Floral Arrangement.  Has Sweet Sugared Fruit, Peonies, Hydrangea....Just makes you smile!  $20.00   SOLD

Just showing the different sides.

What says Spring more than White Wicker.  Great Oval Mirror to hang over a dresser, in the bath or on the Porch.  Great for those Beach Houses!! Paint it a bright color...or just leave the white!  $20.00   SOLD
Yep...just $20

This is a Wonderful Old Tole Candle Holder with Fruit.  Great for any room...
$20.00   SOLD
Nice Display or Serving Dish
$8.00   SOLD
Nice old Copper  $3.00  SOLD
Footed Wooden Bowl $8.00   SOLD
View from the inside.  Great for Fruit on the Island.
Wonderful Glass Vessel...Perfect for Display, Great for Florals.  Think About your Easter Table...Use some Lemons or Limes and then place your Fresh Flowers.  Simply Beautiful!!  $15.00   SOLD
Dragon Fly Hot Plate in Green...But I think it is Beautiful as Display.  $4.00
Pair of Lamps with the finials.  Just need a couple of Barrel Shades.  $15.00 for the pair.   SOLD
Close up of the bottom
Nice old Blue Transfer ware Pitcher with the florals.   SOLD
It has damage so, it is $15...with out damage $60.  But it is still wonderful for display!   SOLD
Pair of Cast Iron Eagle Book Ends..Never Picked Up  $8.00   SOLD
Vintage Piece of Wrought Iron with Lovely Scroll Work.  I thought it might hold Necklaces and Head bands.  $5.00
Very Cute!!
These were purchased for a Client's Porch.  The Red Pillows are Custom Made.  Great Details and Color. $10.00 for the pair.  SOLD

The Stripe Pillow works well so that it not as formal $3.00   SOLD

The other stripes are 3 padded Pillow Shams out of Sunbrella Fabric. We were going to make the cushions for the wicker.  $10.00   SOLD

Even a Red 100% Cotton Rug for the porch or Bath in a 3 x 5.  $3.00   SOLD
(what appears to be spots are some kind of light reflection).

Wonderful Vintage Bottles.  I purchased them for a Clients Bath and we used all we could these are extras.  I use them for Body oils and Bath things.  Also great to purchase the spouts and use for Olive Oil or Special Kitchen items.  I love to recycle and use things in different ways..

These are all the nice wavy glass.  $3.00 for the Tall one and $5.00 each for the other 2.
 Just a closer look.
Sweet Details!

These have not even been cleaned up.  I am just unpacking box after is like Christmas finding things I forgot all about!!

Antique Ball Jars.  These were purchased for Bath salts and Floral Arrangements.. The color is Beautiful and these would be sweet lined up on a Kitchen Window Sill with Fresh Flowers.  On the Patio..or as a Utensil Holder.  One has the original Oxidized Lid

The 3 Large Bottles are $8.00 each and the Small Bottle is $10.00

Pair of Round Pillows.  The florals are on a Chocolate Background with Rusty Red, Greens and Off White.  Cute Checked border.  Nice Custom Pillows are $8.00 each.

The Off white are 2 Brand new pillow covers with a 3 button closure.  The are Soft Off White Duck cloth. $5.00 for the pair.   SOLD
A Closer Look
The Side Detailing
I just realized the 3rd button is not buttoned...but it is there.
A great durable piece.  You can change the look of your pillow and then throw it in the wash.  Duck cloth is a great durable fabric that ages well!  SOLD
Antique Pewter Tankards....Expensive and hard to come by.  These are wonderful rare finds,  The price for the 4 are $40.00...and this is cheap!!
Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier with Off White Glass.  Great long piece.  I bought it for my foyer and of course I changed my mind.  It hung for a few days.  $40...this is about a quarter of what it cost.
 A little closer view!
I have 6 of these chairs...1880's Hand Carved Fruit Back Balloon Chairs. Gorgeous.  I love them...but I have boys , grown but big boys and these are too delicate to with stand them.  I hate it but, I love having my family around the dinning room table,  $350.00

I also have the Original Table and I would interested ...maybe in taking about it going as well.

Beautiful Details!!

OK, tomorrow will begin the furniture and more stuff.   We have wonderful Things to offer.  And have more loads to retrieve as well as a trailer with lots still in it.  Stay tuned...

You can always call me and ask about things I haven't posted.  And first come on all things.  Pick up or I can meet you.  Hope to have all things listed by the end of the weekend.  I will post on craigs list once all of you have had a day to look it over.

Remember you can have a
warm and Welcoming Home with out Spending a ton of money...I Can Help!!!

Until Tomorrow......

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