Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Finished Projects....and More Goodies!

I always put a little of ME into each post I do....I Love Birds and Botanicals, so these are my newest editions.

I found the top one at a yard sale some time ago but the matting and the frame were not so much me.  I took it all apart this morning and used a light stain to give the mat a hint of color and I rubbed the frame with black   I love black in furniture, art...just about anyway  you can use it!

The bottom are a pair of very sweet postcards I purchased from Berna Dean at Vintage Chic downtown Dothan, Al and have had them for a while also.  A couple of weeks back I found this black double frame at another yard sale but again the very white Mat left me cold!! So I took the same stain and really drenched the bottom mat, and lightly rubbed the top.  When it is all put together...I Love It!  I love the aged look, the distressed feel.  I think it works well in the black frame and now the Sweet Birds are the Focus...I am happy!!

I have a few before and after photos of some finished furniture and a few photos from the always full storage unit.  I am working on furniture this week so if you see something before I work on it...give me a call.  Or if you something that is finished....
A solid wood cabinet, no back...just a blank canvas

Added some cute little feet and sanded it to prepare it for paint but I noticed the wood is so pretty so...I just oiled it and painted the hardware black.

Take a look inside now.... Nice storage.  A shelf and finished off with a back.  Works really well beside a bed, a sofa or even in a Foyer.  $30

Found this cute little bookshelf table and it just hadn't been loved in a while.  So....
I sanded it and painted it white...I liked the white but it just needed to be a little shabbier....

So I sanded it again to shabby it and put a light mahogany glaze on it and now it has almost a pink tint.  Not really but, really cute.

See?  Just a hint!
Love the Shabby Details.
Now it needs to rest beside your bed or nestle next to your favorite reading chair. $15

Speaking of Chairs and Pink....this one is in my storage unit and it needs a home!  It is Fuchsia Cord.  Great Shape...needs to be cleaned but, no tears, no stains...Rocks and Swivels!!  And it is perfect for the little shabby table.   $50

 This bench had been mistreated....abused.  Someone tried to stain over needed help.

I Sanded and Painted and Glazed and now it is ready to rest at the foot of your bed.  Nice deep color with a hint of black.  $18

Take a Peek at this Mid Century Beauty!!  All Original.  Lovely shade of almost Jade....Original Finial...Original Shade with all its Great Detailing!

2 Sockets
Yes they work and you only have to use one side at a time.  They each have individual pulls!!
The Shade is fabulous.....$45
One of those things in the storage unit....great art, nice frame  $15
Check out this Sturdy Rustic Piece!!  Nice and Heavy...this piece can take whatever abuse you can give.  Great for a boys room or in the Den beside a Chair  $18
Great Wood Grain and Finish!
Love the Details and Curve of this Mirror.  Black with some Gold Detailing.  The glass is fine, I was taking it out to deliver it to the storage unit and coming from the very cool house to the humid outside caused the mirror to fog.   $50
Such a Gentle Curve....
Just another photo of some of the things I featured today.

 Now I will leave you with a few shots of a few of the things in storage that I will start my journey with this week...

There are 4 of these...Look at the wonderful folding slated camp chairs....I have 4 of these also

Have a pair of these, the lamps are a Pale Green and the shades are a Rusty Red.

Let me know if you see anything....The back of my car is full also.  I have lots to do and a booth to open...but I have plenty to go around!!!

Try to Stay Cool if you go out...Don't forget the sun screen!

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Cottage and Cabin said...

Hi Kay! I love your newest finds...and, especially the pink cord chair-and what a great piece for a nursery....I would love to slipcover this one!!! Debbie

bwms said...

I live your stuff! I am looking for dressers or chester drawers to refinish. Lemme know if you find anything I can use.

Anonymous said...

left you an and very interested in hot pink chair...please contact me..thank you amy sharp