Monday, August 17, 2009

How To build a Primitve Farm Table.....

This is the actual finished product. I will take you step by step in the process.

This piece is available in my booth at Old South Antique Mall.

Go to the bottom and work your way up to see the piece take shape.
The top, I used the Vintage Boards, I sanded and used a hand rubbed finish to give it the patina
Before any sanding.
Attaching the legs. Make sure to use a clamp to secure them tightly. I like to use the very small headed nails, to keep the vintage look.
Just a different angle. I am using 2 x4's for the legs. I actually taper them by hand and sand before I attach them.
A better picture of the small headed nail. Make sure to counter sink them for a smooth finish.
The skirt must be square in order for the table to stand level.
Measure twice and cut once....always. This just shows the measurements of the overlap of the top on the actual skirt.
Pre Drilled holes make it much easier to nail.
All my cuts before I start the assembly
The Vintage Boards were part of an old Shelving unit.

Re purposed pieces are one more way to keep our landfills free. Why not use pieces and parts to make great Furniture Pieces at a fraction of the cost!

Remember to watch for me on WDHN TV 18 to show you just how easy it is to Re purpose. You don't have to break the bank to have a Warm and Welcoming Home!!!!

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