Monday, August 16, 2010

More Progress....Thomas is working so Hard!!!

Our Mighty Hunter.... The Wonder Cat ...Mr Hedley!!! I am not sure if anyone has a cat as spoiled as ours.  I am not really sure he knows he is a cat.  But he is spoiled and we sure do love him, doesn't it show??

Mitchell has returned to Atlanta and Thomas is working hard on the house.  It is so much work and I am having some complications with Lupus at the moment and am really not much help.  I did help a little yesterday with the mud on the drywall.  I got it everywhere and I think he just wanted me to let him do it! So I have some progress to show you and few items for sale...

Cute little Shabby White Table, Pell City Furniture.  Very Heavy with 1 One Drawer.  $20

It measures 23 x 23 x 22 Tall .

Sweet Cottage Green Cabinet.  Has Storage inside and Little Turned Feet.  $30

 Perfect beside a bed, a chair or to stand alone. 

It measures 26 inches in Width, 13 1/2 inches in Depth and 30 1/2 inches Tall.

I still have the door Secretary and have reduced the price.  It is only $85.  The chair has already sold.

Original Embossed Door Knob.


What's Not To Love?????

Vintage Rocker with a White Slip cover, Comes with the 2 Pillows  $20

Back View.  Have a few of the small Accessories left.  Not much...

Great Wood Table with the Brass Nail Heads, $22

It measures 23 x 21 x 17 inches Tall
Won't last!!

Ok, Now on to the really fun stuff... more of the house!

Do you remember this in the foyer?
Horrible paneling...Some kind of Cabinet that rose about 10 feet????????

This what we found.  Beautiful Lap Board.  Thomas took a Sledge Hammer and removed all of the paneling.....

This is the ceiling....12 Foot.  See the hole?  A Beautiful Chandelier will hang from that hole one day soon!
This was the will be wood!!   The door to the right is the Dining Room and that wall is coming down.  The Door to the left is the Master.  Let me show you that.
 This room is 12 x 14, part of the original 4 square house.  The windows are original.   This was a night mare.  Mitchell pulled all the walls and ceilings out.  The ceilings went up 12 foot but the walls stopped at 9.  When the original hall down the center of the house was closed up (closet, part of kitchen) the walls were not dropped but a wall was added here and there.  So, we had to put drywall on the ceilings.  Much better than the drop ceilings that were there.
Mitchell, Jordan and Kit did this work and for first timers...did pretty good!  All I had to do was feed them.  Seems like a pretty fair trade off (for me)!!

Ok, the next problem...we found termite damage.  It had been treated and there is no activity but, there was no way to replace the pieces of lap board so sadly...dry wall it has to be!

See!  Pretty Scary!!  Thomas put the entire room of dry wall up himself.  He is tired and sore.  And, of course, he is at his REAL job today.  The man never misses work.  He is one of a kind!!

Here he is putting in the drywall and pulling electrical boxes!!

 These are the kitchen ceiling...all scraped!  No more popcorn stuff.  All they need now is a little dry wall mud to repair the divots, sand and paint. The other bedroom is almost scraped as well.

may not seem like a lot has been hard work for Thomas.

We have all the kitchen appliances.  The columns are going across the front of the house this week and hopefully the kitchen floors will be leveled.

I am still so excited at what this will become.  I really can't wait!!  But...for now I will have to.  Next time I will hopefully have a few rooms painted and show you some of my options for bathroom tile.  I have picked the kitchen back splash, but for now you will have to wait for the next installment.

 Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming home without spending Tons of Money!  I can help!!  I am only an email, text or phone call away!!

Take Care All!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Have Made a Little Progress on the House & A Few New Pieces!!

We have made some progress in the demolition of the house....but have a LONG Way to go!!  I will show some of the before and after so far...

This Sweet Vintage Rocker Has a White Denim Slip Cover and Couple of Pillows  $20

Remember this?  All Wall Papered and Terrible Carpet.....

OK, the carpet is gone and all of the upper wall paper have been removed....the lower stuff is a real pain.  But, Alysa (my grand daughter) and I are slowly getting it off.  For those who do not know, hot water in a spray bottle with just a little dish washing detergent helps, as long as you have loosened or scored the paper.  I didn't want to score because it is really hard to cover, but I think we are going to go with a textured wall and scoring is the next step!!  An old house is WORK!!!
This is the Dinning Room.  1970"s Paneling is everywhere, all over this house.  The Door is a Beautiful Exterior Door with all the Original Wavy Glass.  We have removed it for safe keeping.....

Thomas is beginning the removal of the paneling.....Hope It Is Tongue and Grove or At least Lap Board!!!
Looks like it might be....Thomas and I both worked and worked at getting this paneling off.
Then Mitchell started working and WOW...his is quick and YES!!  Lap Board it is!!  We will clean, sand and paint!!  YEA!!
He is a work horse...almost all the way around the dinning room.
We found the Old Door that entered the main hall which is a Master Closet now and  the Old Fire Place but, Sadly the Chimney has been removed.  See the Seam in the Wall?  That is coming down so that the Foyer is not so cramped.  Thomas and Mitchell are really working hard.  Let me show you what the ceilings looked like...
Drop Ceiling with Beautiful Stars...NOW....
Beautiful Tongue and Grove.  Same thing....Sand, Clean and Paint.  The Wall Color is Lioness.  It is between a Green and a Gold.  I will mix 4 part Linen and 1 Part Lioness and this will be the ceiling color thorough most of the house.  Just a hint of color.

Sadly the original hardwood floors are in really bad shape and nothing I can do about it. Can't be refinished and have some rot from water damage.  Not in the budget for new hardwoods so...I have decided to Use the Thick Stain Grade Plywood,  Paint the floors a satin black...sand them back ever so lightly to bring a little wood grain in and then tape off the large Diamond Pattern and Paint them in a Gloss Black.  A  subtle difference but enough impact.  One day hardwoods can be replaced but for now I can be happy with this.  Do you remember what the Kitchen Floors will be?? Let me show you again and you can see how they 2 Rooms will play off of each other.

This gives you a little better vision of what is to come.

The bottom Kitchen Cabinets could not be saved,  so we kept the top and are having new ones built on the bottom and expanding the pantry.  Our island will be in a Black Distress.  The Cabinets I have decided will be a Linen color in Shaker Style.   The Walls will be one step down on the color chart from the Dinning Room with the same color on the ceilings.

Before any demo....

After we have begun.  The Hood Vent is coming down and Thomas is building a Large One with details and Bead Board.  Forgot to mention, the Shaker Style Cabinets will have Bead Board Front with the Simple Trim out.  The Cut out which was above the sink will be removed. I changed my mind about the counter tops, I had thought a White Marble but I decided a Black Slat works better for me.  We found an Old Cast Iron Sink that is 66 inches!!!  Drain Boards on both sides and a Bullet was shot into it from behind.( It was used as someones outside sink to clean fish.)  There are 2 places where the porcelain has come off, and the black shines through.  I actually love it the way it is.  And the bullet, it stays!!! I will have a surprise around the stove for you.  You will just have to wait and see.

The Square Fluted Columns will be installed this week. I plan to try to get all the shutters down, sanded and painted black.  Looks like the windows have some rot around them and the 4 old Original ones have to be replaced...but we found some that had been removed from another old home that are in perfect condition but are just a tad smaller.  Thomas says these will work and so I guess they will.  I am excited about the house, ready for it to be finished.  Almost forgot...This is what the floors in the dining room looked like in pieces
I love it!!  But it is mostly just pieces!!

Now on to a few new things....The Farm Table and Benches Sold and A Ton of Other things I was going to be offering this week ...Thanks Melissa and Barbara for Helping me to clear some of the storage unit...It is still can just sorta of walk...

Oak Art Deco Vanity $35....Great Details.  The Pair of Botanical Framed Prints leaning are $20 for the Pair.  The Silver Plate Footed Tray is $10.  Merci in Black is $12.
This is the Bed I showed you in the last Post with the Spindles Attached.   Great Detail, Oak $65.00. Look at the earlier post to see it put together.


Door Secretary $100, Great Off White Lamp with Lots of Details...$10. Silk Pillow Leaning $8.00.
A large Compilation of Charles Dickens Novels $10.
Lots of small stuff to offer and will show more things later with the updates on the house.  If there is something you are looking for, chances are I have it!!  Just ask!! 

You can have a Warm and Welcoming Home without Spending Tons of Money....I Can Help!!!

Try to Stay Cool in this Horrible Heat and Please Stay in Touch!!!!!!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!!!

Hi Everyone!  I took a few days off to try and sort through all the stuff the doctors have told me lately....This was my View out of the Back of The House!!  Stunning!!  I am not a Sun Worshiper, Don't Tan....But to Take in The View, To hear the Rolling Tides and The Breeze...All I can say is AHHHH!!  Just Lovely, and you all know I Love Beauty!  This is Natural Beauty at it's best.

These 3 People Bring Such Happiness to My Life.  This is My Sweet Husband Thomas and our 2 Grand Daughters..Alysa and Shy! Love, Love!!

When we can't be together, my Family Says Love, Love...that means love you with a Big Hug.

I have more things and some of things from my last post, seems you all wanted everything when I was out of town with my phone turned off.  I am sorry but, I really needed the family time and Love.  I still have so many items to offer you.....
This is the Farm Table and Benches, I just added a couple of Chairs.  I started to paint the chairs and then decided...maybe you have a certain color you need them to be for your own style.  They are Solid Heavy Chairs, $15 each.  The Table is $75 and the Benches are $15 Each....BUT if you buy the entire set you may purchase them for $130.00.

Great for a Kitchen or Dining Area or For an Outside Covered Area.  Folks with small children this is perfect.  The kids love the Benches and Mom you and Dad have a Chair Each.  
Just a closer look at the Chair.  If you scroll down to my last post you can see a closeup of the Benches and the Table. 

I Think these would be Fabulous in Red....White if you are not as Bold or Green is always a Great Color.  I would be happy to paint them for you if you need me to...just tell what's your Flavor!!

I have some Small Things as well...I was going to have the Booth so....
 Excuse the gravel, this is just outside the storage unit and it is too Full to have anything displayed inside.

 The Great Blue Chunky Candle Holder from Last week $8.00.  The Botanical is one of a Pair...I will show you come closer views.

I Love Them, I Love All of Nature $20 for the Pair.

They are Just Stunning Together!

 Two Very Cute Decorative Plates...with Fruit!!
Sweet Details on the Green with Cherries and Grapes..Great for Displaying on a Shelf or Hanging on the Wall.  $8.00
 Great White Shelf to Display these along with other Great Stuff and Pegs!!  I Love Pegs...I like to hang Aprons, Candles, Framed Photos attached to Ribbon or Just a Jacket or Book Bag.

I Have Red Shelf as well for you Bolder Folks and it Has Hooks.  Either Shelf $10.00
 This Piece is Wood, Carved and wonderful.  Fruit...yes I Love Fruit.  But I Love the Bow!! Wonderful Patina and it has a self hanger on the back $8.00

Black Cast Iron Eagle Book Ends...Heavy!!!!!
Very Americana.  $10.00

Sweet Iridescent Bottle Perfect for some Wild Flowers or Herbs on your Kitchen Counter, On a Window Ledge, In The Bathroom or Just Beside a Bed....Or on the Tray that Delivers Breakfast in Bed to You or Your Special Someone!  It Measures 10 3/8 inches $5.00

Great Glass Jar with a Pewter Lid.  I Can Just See This filed With Building Blocks or Numbers From old Scrabble Games or Letters....Pasta, Beans...What ever you Choose $6.00

Oh I Love Words, What better Way to Say "Thank You" than in French!!  And in Black ...It Makes a Statement!!  Use it anywhere on anything... It Measures 18 5/8 in Length and 6 3/8 Inches Tall.....$12.00

Again....Love Words!!  Perched on top of the Fridge, The Cabinet, The Counter, The Table ANYWHERE!!!  Love the Black, have a pre-drilled hole if you want to hang it...It Measures 12 1/8 in Length and 6 5/5 inches Tall!  !$10.00

Yep, Fruit...A Trio of Fruit Molds.  Hanging on the wall even mixed with you Tole Platters...Yum!!  The Measurements (Large) 7 x 5 1/4 Inches and The two Small are 3 1/2 Round  $8.00

Wonderful Vintage Pottery Pitcher, Measures 6 3/4 Inches Tall

Simple and Wonderful $6.00

Found This Lamp in some of my digging....Has a Great Distressed Finish, just add a Shade

A Little Closer $6.00

Wonderful Green Bowl sitting on a Wrought Iron Base ...Measures 10 Inches in Diameter  $6.00

Maison Belle Black Framed Art Piece....Beautiful for a Bath, Bed Room or Den...Measures 20 x 24  $15

Wonderful Primitive Cabinet....I haven't done a thing to it, I discovered Old Green Stained Glass under the paint.  I love Chippy Old Furniture and this one fits the bill!!! It Measures  25 1/2 x 18 3/8

Take a Closer Look It is Oak under all that Paint, I love it just the way it is could be so much more!!!

 Simply Wonderful!!  $30.00

 Just a few more items...

I Have this Great Shelf Planter....Reduced to $35

Top Plenty of Space for Display!!

Turned the other way to have the holes and cut work hung against the wall....

Side View!  $35
Last But Certainly Not Least....
Fabulous East Lake Bed in Full Size.  Painted White...Head Board, Foot Board and Rails All Original!  $75

Foot Board
Closer of the Head Board, it has cute spindles that screw into each side...the bed is in storage...I spindles are at home for safe keeping...

Here are the spindles
The Back of the Bed to Show the Oak...if you don't like a painted bed this is what you could have!

I Still Have the Door Secretary (scroll down to last weeks post to see it) or just email for more photos.  My storage unit is Full!  Full and over flowing!!

I will begin showing you the progress of our New Home in my next post!  We have made some progress and I am so excited!!

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You can a Warm, Welcoming Home with Out Spending Tons of Money!  I Can Help!  I am just a Phone Call, Email or Text away!!

Stay in Touch and Try Your Best To Stay Cool!