Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall.... I Can Smell it and I Love It!!!

I Would Love to be Here...Reading a Book!!

Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long.  With all the Doctor Appointments, I barely have time for anything else.  But they are slowing down and I am so ready to do the things I love.  I have the need to make things Pretty!!

I am cleaning out my storage building so that I can go on a road trip and shop...then I will have tons of New Things to Offer to You.

First, Thomas hurt himself working on the house so...things have been at a crawl lately.  He was trying to beat a warped board into place and felt (and heard) something in his ribs pop!  He has been trying to feel better.  But he will not go to a doctor so....I guess  time will heal him!  I have a few shots of the the house for you then....stuff I want to offer to you!!

The dining Room has 2 coats of paint on but I felt like some of the lap board was too far apart so all the lines are caulk.  We have a small fortune in caulk.  Thomas has filled and filled.  He finished the window and door trim and has the first coat of paint on.

All the Crown is up in the dining Room, The Master and Foyer.  More caulk needed.  You can see into the Foyer.  The actual door facing and surround have all been rebuilt.  The large transom area over the door will be wonderful House numbers.  I am very excited.  The door is original to the house.  Debated over whether to paint it or not...paint it is!! White inside like the trim and Black outside to match the shutters.

This is a little better view.  I just want it to be done!!  And for all of you who know me, know that I would rather be there working than at any doctor office!!!
The cabinets are built, but not in place.  The top has to be trimmed out and the bottom as well.  I finally found the Flat Black Slat I want for the counters.  Now to place the sink and finalize my order.  The Island is built but we need to pull power in the center of the floor and the he will place the top on it.  So much to do.
I fell in love with this but...Thomas says my pantry will not stay this neat.  Or even cute, so cottage!!

I am really debating on whether to do the dining Room Floors this way or just the kitchen...Give me some feedback!!!

Ok, enough of me rambling....Lots of stuff!!

Tall Black Bistro Table and 2 Chairs with a drop Leaf on both sides $60.00

Ignore the mess...this is the bottom of a hutch
And...the top.  The top has grooved plate rack area...Your beautiful walls can show through and still have wonderful display areas.  Or as a book shelf...whatever works for you $50.00.
Black Lamp $8.00  Cute "R" $5.00 and a Large Coffee Table Book of Charles Dickens Works $15.00.  The Door Secretary is what everything is sitting on $75.  (you will see more shots of it as I go)
Top of the Vintage Door Secretary holds A Pottery Topiary $15 and "Merci"  $15
Great "E" $8.00, Retro Fab Sign  $10.00

Black Framed Knight on a White Horse $10, wonderful :S" $12.  The Piece lying flat can hang on a wall it is Wood Carved Fruit with a ribbon holding it all together $ 10
A closer view
Detailed Black Plate Racks $5.00 each.  Details of the Door Secretary behind!
Closer View
Sweet Iron Work propped against the bottom of the Vintage Door Secretary. $5.00 Each

Lovely Black Framed Print $10
Closer View
Beautiful Vintage Mirror with all the Original Plaster Work....$40
Lovely Details!
3 Piece Fruit Mold set $8.00
Vibrant colors!!
Gorgeous Floral Arrangement of Peonies, Hydrangea and Roses with tons of fillers!  $15.00
Even Lovely Fruit!!
Pair of Pear Prints in Distressed Frames $10 for the pair.
All the details are wonderful!
Sweet Welcome Sign in Green $8.00
Pair of Fruit Plates with Green Edge $8.00 for the pair
Pair of Bath Oils on Canvas $8.00 for the pair
Cute Wash board, I bought it to use to hang keys at the back door $8.00
Pair of Topiary..I purchased to change out the top for seasonal decor...$5.00
1 pale yellow and 1 pale green silk pillow....both for $5.00
Stainless Pot Rack, hangs flat against your wall.  I have the S hooks also.  $25.00
A tall Iron Lamp with Faux Paint $5.00 and a Sweet Vanilla Lamp with the Finial and tons of details $10

Great Black Coffee Table with Glass and really great details.  You can use the bottom for books or display $35.00

Slightly distressed...great piece!
Wonderful Rusty Candelabra....$20
Large Blue Pottery Candle Holder $8.00
Bessee Pease Print $8.00
Sweet Clock $5.00
Chandelier...we have the globes  $40.00
Great Piece!

Matching Pendant piece and we have all the Hardware $25.00
Pair of Nice Heavy Chairs, great for the holidays $10 each.  The Lamp is Vintage  Florentina $25.00  (the rain has started..need to move inside)

If you see anything you like, want to shop email call or text...I need to clean it all out.  Will have more in a day or two

Happy Fall...Enjoy the cooler weather and the wonderful smells.