Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have STUFF!!

I am LOVING White!!  It is so serene, so clean and I love color, so this is saying a lot for me!  But I am drawn to the white.  Look at the details of this wood work.  Wouldn't you love to have this window?
Lovely Simple...Perfect for a bath.
Yummy!!  This is a wonderful Hood Range....I think the color is technically Sand..but all in the white family! black is here but look at the White dishes, all colors of white....Stunning!!

 Yes!!  A little French, Lots of Sweet..add some Black and Lots of White!!
I love it all...My friend Tammy has a set of furniture much like this one.  The Pristine Wood and hers is Upholstered in White denim.  She has the matching chair and a little birdie told me she may be interested in selling....

I am so sorry I have been away for so long!  I have had the terrible Flu!  And it was horrible enough to keep me down for 12 + days!  But I am stir crazy and need to get on the ball!!  I have lots of things.  Some old, some new, some Vintage and some really Primitive!  I am hoping to have another blog out in a day or so with Furniture.  This one is all household, art and just stuff.  I would already have the photos trusty camera has failed me.  It has been a good one, so I am not complaining!!!

 Vintage Chocolate Mold, Solid Heavy Pewter.  These are rare. These have bunnies, baby chicks and Roosters  Came from a working Virginia Farm.  Probably dates back to mid to late 1800's. I think they would make great display pieces and with Easter just around the corner  This measures 13 x 7 unopened or 13 x 15 1/2 opened..  $45  SOLD
Better view.

I also have the Vintage Bunny Chocolate or Ice Cream Molds.  All Heavy Solid Pewter!! Sweet on a shelf for display all year round or as part of your Easter Decorations.  About the same age as the other one.  This measures 11/1/2 x 6 unopened or 11 1/2 x 12 open. $50   SOLD

Aren't they the cutest things??  But they are really, really heavy...they would seriously hurt you if dropped on your toes!

This is a Beaver Board and it has several molds (1/2) mounted on them.  Great display piece.  Has a couple of Furniture Marker Identification pieces, an owl, a small bunny and 2 of the most Unique Native American Molds.  These are wonderful Antique Pieces. $30   SOLD

Let's mix it up. a White Utensil holder with reticulated edges. SOLD
A better photo, this measures 6" Tall and 4" wide.
$5.00   SOLD

More White...Like Matlasse?  I have a few pieces...
White Matlasse Shower curtain.   SOLD
$10.00  you all know how much these retail for!!

  A pair of Standard Matlasse Pillow Shams
$10   SOLD
Close up of the pattern.  I mix and match all patterns and color of  Matlassee for a layered time gathered warm feel!
A King White Matlasse Pillow Sham.  I love to put At Least 1 King on every bed no matter what size the bed is.  But as Thomas says anything under 15 pillows and he knows I must be ill...I love pillows piled, stacked and displayed on a bed. $5.00   SOLD
Close up of the pattern.  Sorry this is all the white I have....I kept tons for ME!!!!
Sweet Piece of Art Little boy and Girl dressed in clothing from what looks like the 1700's in Europe.  Lovely Frame, this is not old...just great for decor!  Measures 11 x 9. $10
Lovely Vintage Silver Picture Frame.  Tarnished and worn to perfection.  I can see this on your dresser...or in the kitchen for some pizazz!! $10

Great Tole Mesh Basket.  Perfect to hold Makeup...Hair products or as a cute piece in the Kitchen.  Anywhere Nice colors! $6.00
Nice clock with Grapes in the center.  Great for the Kitchen.  $8.00
Some more Really Old Stuff.  These are Solid Pewter Measuring Tankards,  These all have English Markings.  Their measurement is called a "Gill" I have 4 sizes, I have them priced individually at $65 total or buy all 4 for $50.

A Gill is  4 ounces in the US. These are made for measuring alcohol.
This one has an engraved name, it measures 2 1/2 inches tall and is stamped "half gill  ". $15
This one is the heaviest and the largest, it measures 3" and is marked "Gill".  These are also called Jugs in England.  $20

This one measures 3 inches and is marked Gill and has 2 markings one is 07 and the other I can't make out.  $15.

This is the smallest and it measures 2 inches and is marked "4". $15.  I have them priced individually to total $65.  You can purchase all 4 at $50 or make me an offer.
This is a Primitive Pestle or Masher.  Very Old...Unique! Measures 11 inches $20   SOLD
This is a Wonderful Wood Bowl.  It is called a Slothing Bowl. But I would just use it for fruit myself.  Cam from a working Farm/Estate.

Measure 15 x 6  $15   SOLD
Wonderful Details!

These are Primitive Rolling Pins.  2 different sizes, Smallest one is the bottom photo, it measures 14 inches $10.   SOLD

The larger one in the top photo is 21 inches and is $15.00  SOLD

Nice Vintage pastoral Scene with Sheep and a Collie.  If you look at it from the side the animals are puffed or I guess the original 3D!!

This measures 10 x 8 $10.00
Great Hinged Wooden Frame, measures 8 x 6 $5.00

Sweet pair of Birds...if you know me then you know I Love Birds..but honestly I cannot fins anywhere to use this one.  I love it but....

 It measures 12 x 11 $8.00  SOLD

Very old Art and Original Frame.  A little damage to the frame but I think that just make it more appealing.

It measures 9 x 11  $10

Bessie Pease Print in frame.  Sweet for any child's room, or at Grandma's house.

  It measures 111/2 x 9 $5.00.
 Wonderful Old Book!
Has some damage.
Stunning Photos inside . The book is from Holland.

It has this letter written to Virgil on the inside dated august 1946.  This was sent as a souvenir. 

Lovely $5.00

Ok, Folks that will do me for today.  But I have a Sweet Vintage Club Chair, a Wonderful Art Deco Vanity and an Upholstered  Bench with so many details and a couple of coffee tables.  I have bolts of wonderful fabrics as well as substantial yardage pieces of other fabrics.  I will get all those things posted very soon.

You can have a Wonderful, Warm and Welcoming Home without breaking the bank..I can Help!!

Call, Text or email me.  I can't wait to hear from you!!

Take Care,


Tammy Peterman said...

Where do I find you? I would like to purchase a few items on your blog.

Kay Gilbert said...

Tammy I have things at my home and a storage unit as well. You may email me at or call 334-790-6507!!

Look forward to hearing from you~!