Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Stuff!!

A Few of the Smalls Gathered together...I will show you individual photos and list prices.  I have some project furniture for you and some finished pieces.  A little later than I thought...but I worked yesterday as well. we go!!

A Sweet Basket Weave Porcelain Handled Piece.  The Lemons are done in the Majolica Style, this is a Hand Painted piece.
Very Sweet.  Great for Summertime Tables or Servers.  Even on the Island or counter to Hold Fresh Fruits.  There is a small chip and the price reflects that at $10.00

A Set of 3 Nice Blue and White Plates in a Floral Pattern.  Well Marked and look great hung together or used as color in your display case. 

Set of 3 for $8.00

Custom Table cloth, quilted.  Will cover a round Dining Table as shown but I had it made for a round decorative table beside my bed.  Nice Fabric ...
Up close you see the Greens, Rusty Reds and a touch of Rose.  Measures 90 inches across with a large 1 inch welted edge finish.  $15.00
Sweet Little Needle Point  $5.00
Vintage Club chair from the 40's.  Was upholstered in this fabric about 7 years ago.  Comfortable and has great colors.  Not a perfect piece, one foot has a piece missing, but that is how I purchased it.  Great for a Bedroom or a den.
Works well with Reds, Rusty Reds, Teals, Greens, Browns, Black...just about any color.  Great Chair $45
Very Nice Shelf with Great Filigree Wood Work.  You can sit it on the floor or hang it on the wall.  Has everything included should you decide to hang it.
The Drawers pull in and out.
Side View
Against the wall so you get a better idea of what it looks like from the front.

It Measures 45 inches tall x 6 inches deep at the top and 7 1/2 inches at the bottom x 13 3/4 wide.
Floral Swag
Antique Cups and Saucers
Father $5.00   SOLD
Love the Giver, lots of details $5.00
Mother 1893 Worlds Fair   SOLD
From the Side $8.00
Lemon Tea Pot.  The Lemons are Raised and the Handle and Spot are line Vines with Texture.
The other side
Hand Painted  $10.00
Beautiful Hand Painted Dish with Woven Handle from Portugal
Beautiful Details and Color
Lovely Hand Painted Plate
Hand Painted, comes with the hanger $6.00
Blue Onion Plate..not dinner size.  Bread and Butter $2.00
Just in time for the 4th of July...Red, White and Blue Stars with just the right amount of Rust $5.00 for the Pair   SOLD
Cute Wood Crate $2.00
I love to use these little crates for recipes..or packages of mixes or things of that nature in the kitchen!
3 Textural Pieces  to hang on the wall.  The close up is  above.  I love them to hang plates on or to use as texture with mirrors.
Set of 3  $4.00

Set of 3 Vintage Wooden Chocolate Molds.  I use them in frames as art...$2.00   SOLD
Beautiful Detailed Wood Framed Mirror.
Has the Heavy Weight wire on the Back...Ready to Hang.  It Measures  29 1/2 x 16.
  $25.00   SOLD

Sweet Wooden Box  in Black with Needle Point Insert "Always Kiss Me Good Night"!

It measures 5 3/4 x 3 1/2  $5.00

Lovely Wooden Box with Tongue and Groove sides, Hinges  and Patina-ed Brass Details.
Notice the notched details and the handles.
It measures 8 1/2 x 5
Restoration Hardware  in the package  With the hardware with Crystal to hang on the wall for caps or aprons or even towels..  $5.00
Sweet Things for a Dresser
Antique Hand Painted Dish..perfect to catch your earrings and necklaces.
Hand Painted , the painters mark on the back $10.00
So Sweet Antique Dresser Jar.  Lovely Patina and Cherubs on the Top!!
Crystal Pressed...This is an Early Piece

Vintage Tin Box with a Cameo Center.
 Cute Little Feet $10.00
Beautiful Vintage Mirror with Oodles of Details.  Made of the Heavy Plaster.  Heavy Weight Wire on the Back Ready to Hang!   SOLD

Top Detailing
Each Side
And Bottom.

It Measures 35 x 24
$35.00   SOLD

This Chest Solid Oak, it has been painted black and is very distressed.  I was going to sand it back and let the crackling show.  But...I just don't have the time. it sits $25.00 and you do the work.  Great Storage, will be a beautiful piece stripped or painted.    SOLD
Wine Rack, I haven't even cleaned it up.  I was going to roll towels and use it in the bath...but it could even work as a table beside a chair.  Or as a wine Rack!
This is the top...the tray lifts off.  $20.00   SOLD

This is a 9 x 12 Rug..great condition...just needs to go.
Closer look... Great Deal $100   SOLD
My client has a  Pair of these.  Beautiful Chairs with Wonderful Curved Arms and Pretty Feet.  The color is a Gold with a Brown under tone.  It is a Pattern on Pattern with just a touch of the Rusty Red inside the pattern.  Lovely Chairs.  Beautiful as Host and Hostess Chairs in the Dining Room.  Great as a Pair of Chairs in Master, Foyer and even Wide enough for Comfort in a Sitting Area.  How about a Study!    SOLD
Beautiful curve to the top back of the chair 
These Chairs are Basically New...Maybe sat in 2 or 3 times.  We changed our minds about the host and hostess chairs for the Dining Room SOLD

The small raised areas have just a small touch of Rusty Red.  SOLD
Beautiful Pattern  $75 each. SOLD

Solid Wood Table and 4 Chairs.  The Chairs are Mid Century.  The Table Top is Stained Wood with a Vanilla Distressed Leg and Chairs.  I have not covered the chairs but this is the fabric that I chose.  Or I could cover them in another fabric that I already have. 

The fabric is a chocolate background.  The other colors are Vanilla, Green and Rusty Red.
The Table measures 42 inch square.... $75

The Chairs are $75 for the 4 or as a set $135.00


Ok, that is all for today.  I am available today, this evening and early in the am...I will be working tomorrow .  I will be available again after 4 pm Monday.  Call or text me at 334-790-6507, or email at

I cannot hold.  If you want it, you need to pick it up with in the same day.  I hate to sound like that but, if you change your mind and I have already told someone else it causes me a problem.  So basically first come, first serve.

I really appreciate all of you!  So many of you have become my friends!!  I love to post my gives me a chance to catch up!!

Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming Home with out spending a Ton!!  I Can Help!!

Let the Shopping begin!!!!