Thursday, November 23, 2017

It has been so long since I posted.  Where to start, I had my first stroke December 2014.  I worked all of 2015 and broke my right foot 3 different times.  The doctors told me to slow down, but I kept on going.  By mid 2015 I knew I couldn't really keep going. But I still tried.  I was the GM for Old South A tuque Mall, working 60 hours per week and still trying to decorate for people. By March 2016 I retired completely.  June 2016 I had a massive stroke that Flowers Hospital did t catch for 24 hours, so I was t given TPA to bust the clot.  So I have damage.  My husband took a position in Jacksonville with Harbinger Sign when I was still in the hospital.  After I got out my wonderful friend and Doctor Ramona Bolin found me a Neurologist to go to immediately.  My family contacted Mayo Clunic.  Long story short.  My life as a Mayo patient began.  All the strokes and TIS's that followed I was given the clot buster.    Below is a photo of my brain thlarge space is the June stroke.  The small Dot is the previous stroke.  I plan to post beautiful things again but at this point I want to catch everyone up on my life and we will start again!  But for today, thanks for being here and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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