Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  We are in our New/Old Home.  137 Year Old Farm House....It is still a work in progress but I have a few photos.  This is our Front Door, Original to the house.  Painted a Crisp Black, I love it.  Now if we can get all the other million projects finished!

There is Thomas in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.  We are actually alone for the moment.  Mitchell is in Atlanta, John and Christa have not arrived yet and the girls are with other Grandparents.  They will arrive at my house tomorrow evening and then WE will have Christmas!  I can't wait to hear the excitement in their voices.  I called this morning and they were talking so fast I am not sure what Santa brought.

I have always had white lights on my tree, but my baby, Mitchell is living at home for the first time in 5 years and he wanted colored lights....I gave in!

It is Beautiful!
Glad I made him happy, even at 22 Christmas is a big deal.   Alysa cannot believe I agreed to anything other than white lights and Shy's face will light up...and my babies are what it is all about.

This is my Dining Room, still working on it but we love it.  All the walls are Lap Board with Tongue and Groove Ceilings.  Chandelier is not up...Can't make up my mind.  I decorate for people every day, but my is so hard.  The Table and Chairs are roughly the same age as the house.  We love them.  We have 2 leaves for the table and 8 Fruit Carved Balloon Back Chairs.
Wonderful old 1800's Lawyers Book Case...still deciding how to fill it.  And of course I have all my Birds!
The Door goes to the Master...I will give you a tour of that later.  This is the wall Thomas knocked out so that the dining room is a little more open and it creates a foyer with 15 foot ceilings.  Still a work in progress.
I have a buffet in the corner...Not sure if this will stay or go....I will give you the final decision.  If and when I make it!!!!
A peek at the corner of my Den, I used a full size kitchen table to connect the sofa and love seat.  I really enjoy the space it provides and it allows me to use a really large lamp and Barrel Shade!
Still working on this one too...The ceilings are so high and I have so much stuff! I really don't know what I want.  I will move things a million times.  But, I will get it all together.  It is is just so far removed from what it was.  I thought about showing the before and after and I may still.  But it will be when I pull it all together....but for now...a glimpse here and there.

 Just a few of my Nut Crackers....I have a lot. 
Me and My Mitchell....Merry Christmas Sweetie!  I love my baby!!
These were my Great Grandmother's...I love them!
A closer look at a few of the things I have placed in the Foyer.
This is my Kitchen Island on my wonderful painted floors...Thomas did a Beautiful job!!
Just Exactly what I wanted...It is Rusty Red and the Drawers are deep and So Great!!.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!  I hope you have a Day full of Family, Friends and Love!!!

WE ARE Sweet Home Alabama!!


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Danice said...

You have a beautiful home. I live in Alabama, too. My undergrad major was theatre design. 'Love interior decorating also. I'm now following your awesome blog :)