Friday, November 26, 2010

Good bye to the Fall Decor and Hello to All that Glitters!!

I have been so busy lately, hardly time to sit, much less time to write or share.  But I am not complaining..  Making things pretty fulfills me and I have been really "filled" Lately.

We have moved into our 137 year our Victorian Farmhouse.  We love is not finished...and do not know where anything is but, it will all happen .  Then we will sigh and relax!

I have many things to offer for sale and will give you some photos soon. But, right now I am alone at 3:18 in the morning and am so Thankful for my busy life, for the Sweetest Husband in the world  and for having my children close by. I am Thankful that I have this Life.

I do have a couple of photos of some things in a clients home and will have more.  I will post before and after in the next few days.

I will post sale items and tell you all about what is to come. 

But right now, I am thankful to all of you that are reading this....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't You Love the Weather??? Simply Beautiful!!

Hello All  Isn't this Wonderful Weather??  I love the smells, the feel of the air, makes me want a big pot of chili!!

Sorry I have been away so long.  I have been really busy working , just making things Pretty!  I do have a storage unit full...just haven't had the time to get by and actually sort it out.  I will find the time, but first... I have a big sale coming up, a client who has FABULOUS things and needs to offer you some of the items we didn't use in her re-do..  We have just completely re-done her home can pick up some great items!

I promise I will update.....Just wanted you all to know I haven't forgotten you.   Email me with some of things you might be in the market for and I will let you know if we have it, an idea on the price and set up an appointment for you to come and take a look.  It will be at least a week before we are ready but....I will have your appointment booked.

Enjoy this wonderful weather....don't forget to email for an appointment for the sale.

Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming Home with out spending Tons of Money ...... I Can Help!!!!