Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Morning!!  I have new arrivals at Old South.  Everything I just put in is from a Florida Estate and I have tons more to come.  I have some nice old heavy pieces.  You need to go and check them out!!

I will be having some painted pieces and "My" kind of things very soon as well!  Keep checking back, things should be heading to Old South every couple of days!!

This is a BEAUTIFUL Corner Cabinet with Convex Glass in the Doors!  A Truly amazing piece!!
Take a look at this piece, The Topper is a Handmade Plate can hang it on the wall or buy both pieces....I love this.  The bottom is a Bow Front Chest with "Eagle" Sheraton Pulls.  I think this is a very Paint-able Piece.  I know what this can look like.  I have marked it to reflect that.  Go in and just take a look.  Again all of this is from a Florida Estate....These pieces have been in the family for years and years!!
This Gentleman's chest has the key holes in the drawers, the drawers are over 2 inches thick on the front.  This is as I found is started and just needs some Shabby Love!!  It is an amazing piece of furniture.
Solid Mahogany  under the paint...if painting is not your thing, this is very easy to refinish.  This is a stunning piece!

This is SOLID CEDAR!!  2 hanging areas, the hat box area and drawers, all with original Crystal Knobs.  This is a handmade piece.  Normally Thomas can handle one of these pieces alone.  This took 2 men!!  This is Stout!!  Please come in and take a look at these pieces! 

I know everything is not painted, but I promise you these are sound wonderful pieces of furniture...I have more!!  I will be bringing things as space clears and time allows!

The booth is packed....come on in...Now for Tommy's booth!

These have been drastically reduced so have many things....Gotta Come Down to the Mall and Get some Deals!!!

Many of you know that I have been asking for prayers for my daughter in law's father, Bill is battling Leukemia.  Bill is strong and so very ready to fight.  Please continue those prayers.

My mother in law had a stroke a week ago today, she is better but has a long way to go, continue the prayers for Memaw as well.

You can have a warm and welcoming home with out breaking the know I can help you!!! Just Call, Text or Email!
Try to stay Cool and Take care of each other!!

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Thomas said...

Correction: The white chest drawers are 1" thick on the front and 3/4" thick walls. Solid piece of furniture.