Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Project....

Another project...I have been working with these great folks about a year.  Help them with updates to their home and all seasonal things, parties..just life stuff.  I did some fall decorating.  I will post some photos of the house soon.  Have a few finishing touches in one bedroom and about to start the master suite!

Love my job!!!
Fall is one of most favorite times of the year.  The colors, the smells...

Remember you can a warm and welcoming home with out spending a ton...I can help!!  Call, Text or email!!

I will have more great items for you to choose from at Old South Antique Mall this weekend!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Added some things at my Booth inside Old South Antique Mall Today

I added a couple of things today at my booth inside Old South Antique Mall.  A Great Gray distressed 6 Drawer Chest.  Perfect for a Buffet, Foyer Piece or even beside the bed.    Solid Wood $75.00.  The Mirror is done to Match $30.  Or use it in another location!!   SOLD
A Little Closer Look...Shop Early for Best Selections.  These pieces sell quickly and everything I have is one of a kind.
Cute Table to seat 4.  It has a Stained Solid Wood Top and Vanilla Distressed Legs.  All Solid Wood $75
The Chairs are just Odds and Ends...but Cute odds and ends!   SOLD
Better look at the legs
Lots of  New Letters in Different Sizes.  I continue to sell out every week...They are a great affordable way to Decorate.  Notice the Cute Birds?  These are so sweet, on clear acrylic in Black so they take on the color of your wall.  $8.00 each.  These are in Black.  I can do them in other colors as well.  SOLD
Cute !!
Just to show you each one.  I love them !!
This is another great piece of Art..A Vine or Twig Motif . $8.00 each as well.  This one is in Black
More Letters

This is a W
Take home this Lovely French Chair for just $99
Vintage Table $50
The Fabric Basket is Newly Stocked
Restocked the Vintage Door Knob and Furniture Hardware Basket as well.
This is a Really big O!!    SOLD

I really, really appreciate your business.  I am trying to keep the booth stocked...trying!!!.

Remember you can have a warm and welcoming home with out spending a ton...I can help!!! 

Shop early for Best Selections!!

Take Care,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Want to see a Beautiful Home???

One of the Homes I have Decorated will be on The Service League Christmas Tour of Homes.  The Date is Saturday, December 10.  It is for a Great Cause...I can only give you a Peek....Have to buy the tickets!!

We are ready for Fall but...We will have Wonderful Christmas Displays!!

Come see some of my work in Person!

 Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming Home with out Spending a Ton...I can Help.  I am only a phone call, email or text away!!

Take Care,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few New Things!! Thanks so much for your Patronage!!

Thanks so very much for your Patronage! I enjoy the emails from all of you and the comments.  I love that you love the things I have...remember to let me know what kind of things you are looking for and I will try to find them for you or have that paint finish..

I added a few things today and will to do some through the week...
Ok, you all seem to LOVE all the Letters I put in the Booth.  I sell out weekly.  Look High...I added these great red letters.  Sold separately for $15 each.

This is a great Vintage Sturdy Chair for $15...Great for a desk or at a kitchen table with a mixture of chairs and colors. SOLD

This is a new piece this week.  A Distressed Grey console Table.  The doors open and it has storage inside.  Would be great in a Foyer, bedside a bed even as a bar.  More photos to follow.  SOLD

The Carved Pieces on the Front are Original.  Great Solid, Sturdy Piece!!  Love, Love the Grey!!
A little closer....

The Details of the lamp are amazing too!  Silk Shade in with a hint of Green, the lamp is glazed with Black, great effect!  The lamp is $35
 The console is $55...a really good price!

Added a mirror to the Door $12

Check out the Vanilla distressed Needle Point Bench!!
More big bold Letters...$10 each!!
Did you notice the Gilded Gold Base?  Just add Glass.  Great Table!!
 A Smaller "B" $5.00
I have tons of interesting little things scattered all around the booth.

A Peek down the way...
This Basket is FILLED with Wonderful Antique Door Knobs, Antique Locks, Vintage Furniture Handles and Knobs...all kinds of great things!!
This is a Great Antique Level...I would love to see this as ART on the wall!!
Very Cool Umbrella Stand, Copper and Brass!!
Too Cute Baskets!!
This a Beautiful and Sweet Sampler..

 Did you miss this Vanilla distressed Magazine Table...It is ON SALE!!   SOLD THE GOLD CHAIR ALSO SOLD

And I really love this little French Side Table!!  SOLD

If things are not marked down...take 15% off anything over $20...but only through the 15th.  Then I will be redoing the entire booth.  Shop early for the best sections.

PS...I refilled the Fabric Basket today with some wonderful things.

Remember you can have a Warm and Welcoming home with out spending a ton...I Can Help!!!
Call, Text or Email!!

Take Care,