Thursday, December 31, 2009

Romantic Design.....What is your Interpretation ?

Romantic is many times confused with Shabby Chic. Romantic is Feminine, Delicate, even Sophisticated...Sensual.

Look at this Beautiful Chest, this Room.  It fits all the Categories. The Details on the Chest, the Crystal Mirror, The Feminine Touches in the Drapery and Paint.

BUT, Romantic doesn't have to incorporate every aspect.....You can Define YOUR Romantic....

I am always surprised when I hear people talk about "How Much" they paid for an item.  I am happiest when I find something wonderful for one of my clients that we paid "So Little" for !!!

In this New Year remember it is not always "How Much" your things cost, but "How Well" they Blend with all your other "Treasures".  How Well they Play off each other and how Comfortable YOU are with them !

I am only a phone call or email away....I can help you define your style, even on a budget.

Have a Fantastic New Year!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Don't forget your Front Door!!!

Looking ahead to a bright and Wonderful New Year!  But I  wanted to say hello and give you a few decorating hints and maybe even share a few of my favorite things.

One of the most forgotten areas of our homes is the Front Door and Foyer.   The front door (along with the yard) is the first thing anyone will see.  You want to draw them in, make them want to see more.  The Front Door should be a piece of "Eye Candy"......just a taste of what's to come.  Then, the Foyer is the hor d'oeuvres of  your Home. Make sure it flows.  My Motto.... Furnish, Accessorize and Finish!!

The Calm Color Palette teamed with the Beautiful Furnishings and accessories make this a wonderful Peek into what is to come.

Now, just a few of My Favorite Things!

Purple is my Favorite Color, so I absolutely love the Johnson Brothers Transfer Ware Platter. (c.1890's) Beautiful Vibrant Colors that seem to introduce all my Botanical Pieces. I have many, but this is a sampling of how I use just a few.  Teamed with Luscious Silk Drapery, it makes me feel enveloped in Warmth.  The upper plates are also Vintage Mason Transfer Ware.

A Few more Botanical  Pieces and Scenery Paintings. I love to mix and match...Old and New....Colors and Frames.

........I Cover all My Spaces.  In My Home, My World, I Surround Myself with What I Find Beautiful .

The Pink Rose Ornament was My Grandmothers and has Graced My Christmas Tree Every Year of  My Childrens Lives (we just celebrated the 30th). Along with the Vintage Sugared Fruit, New and Old Ornaments and Handmade Pieces from Children and Grand Children A Like.

Santa Always Perches Near the Front, he actually belongs to My Youngest, Mitchell.   One day he will go to Mitchell's home and Perch on his Tree, for his Children to enjoy.

I Love my Children, I love My Family....But my Most Favorite Thing is the Relationship, the Love I have with my Two Grand Daughters!  Alysa and Shyanne!!  Love, Love, Love these girls!!

Happy New Year Everyone.........K

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas and the Very Best of the New Year to All!!

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to keep you updated on whats going on with me!  I am looking forward to a Wonderful Christmas with my family and then beginning a NEW Chapter in my life.  I have been in Antique Malls for years but have decided sadly to close up shop.  It was a sad day but, I am really busy in your homes and businesses and felt I  really need to give you all the attention you deserve.  I will be updating my blog each week with new fabulous finds and great repurposed pieces.  I have a storage unit full and I will just redo and add my "touch" to everything.  I will also be forwarding great decorating ideas and wonderful tips.

Remember you can have a wonderful Warm Home and not break the bank!!!  I can help you!  I am only a phone call or email away.....

Grey is the New Chocolate Brown in 2010.  Wonderful with Black and Ebony.  Sophisticated and Sleek with Yellow.  Absolutely Serene with Blues.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry and Please Stay in Touch!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Well, it has come to that time.....sad for me but I am closing my booth as of December 15, 2009.  It has been so much fun meeting all of you wonderful people.  But, It takes dedication and hard work.And....  I am very busy decorating your homes and cannot dedicate the time I need in my booth. The time it deserves.  I feel it has to be just perfect, but I need your homes to be perfect also!

I will continue to post my blog, provide you with before and after projects.  With clients permission, I will show you many new designs.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.

My booth at Old South is 40% off everythingBut the last day is December 15th,

I will continue to find that perfect piece and repurpose it for its next life.  I never know what I might happen upon.  I will continue to show you all my great finds and maybe you will love something I have.  If so, call or email and we will set up a time for you to see it in person.

Thanks to all of you for your patronage.  Now...lets get busy on your home or work space!!!

Merry Chistmas!!!