Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

Projects....Remember a short time back my friend Donna ordered a Narrow Bench for her Americana Room.  Well here it is.  She sanded, painted and waxed...Now it is Perfect to Perch at the Foot of Her Guest Bed in her "Americana Room".  She is still working diligently to pull the room together before all the guests arrive in mid June,  I will post a photo of the finished room.   Go and visit her site, she has Fabulous Signs
 Here is the Bench we built for Luca...She decided to use it as a Coffee Table!!  Thanks Luca!!

 A Front View!!  We Love to see what all our Customers do with the things we build for them!!  

This is the latest Project for Luca.  A desk just for her!  Of course it needed to be black and she loves old things.  So I tried to do my best to make it look as if it had been around for longer than a day.  The Rough Cut Wood is wonderful.  I sanded and Painted Black with just a touch of Distress for the Perfect finish.  It measures 48 inches long, 20 inches in width and 30 inches in Height.

A View of the Top....
The Tapered Leg.....I hope she loves it!!!!

James ordered some Vintage Window Planter Boxes from us several weeks ago in a Pale Blue.  He has a Red Brick House and wanted them to Pop...

Here they are mounted on his house.  He grow herbs in them.  Wonderful idea...Thanks James for the Photos.

Another Customer Project this week is for Tabitha.  She wanted a Primitive Table to use for her Lap Top.

Walnut Stained Tapered Legs, Vanilla Distress Top.

This one Measures 42 inches in length, 24 inches in Width and 30 inches Tall.

Nice color with wood grain!!  Great Contrast with the legs!  Thanks Tabitha...let us see how you use it!!

The last Project this week is for Lou Anne...This is Thomas' Favorite and he did an outstanding job!!!

A 2 Tiered Primitive Table...Heavy with a Shelf for display on the bottom....I sanded and waxed!!  Beautiful Oak!!
Look at the Natural Worm Holes and Notice the Large Square Nails he used
Beautiful Wood...Wonderful Table for her Entry Way.
A side view that does not do it justice. Lou Anne has Antique Farm Implements and Vintage Tools.  This will fit in nicely.
This is it waiting for Pick up after the Rain is over....

Measures 45 inches Long, 14 inches in Depth and 33 inches in Height with bottom shelf 6 inches off the Floor.

This is a Peek into our Storage Unit...Told you we have Stuff.  See anything you Need???

Does this give you an idea....Call me, Text me Or Send Me an Email!!!

Remember to say Thanks to All the Men and Women of the Armed Forces and God Bless those and the Families that Lost their Lives for Our Freedom!

Stay Safe....Stay in Touch!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon Everyone....Treasures!!

Hi Everyone!  I am going to begin breaking down some of the items that were in the major post a couple of days back.  I decided to do some Pretties today!!  Beginning with the Silver Plated Tray with Fluted Edges and Cute Little Feet.  I love to use silver to Accessorize with.  Look at how things just seem to pop on it.  Let me give you a closer look...

The Clock is Covered in Roses with Muted Pinks , Pale Golds and Greens ~$6.00~

This is just a Simple Footed Silver Plate Tray .  Add a Silver Tea Set for the Dining Room or in the Guest Bathroom with  Sweet Little Crystal Pieces filled with Soaps and a Vase of Fresh Flowers.  The possibilities are always endless. 

I haven't even cleaned this one, I like the look it provides, to be a little imperfect...but you can use some Silver Cleaner and make it Sparkle!

Cute Feet!  Only ~$10.00~

White Milk Glass Vase with the Fluted Top!  Perfect for a Fresh Arrangement or to add to your collection.

Looks Very Sweet on the Silver Plate Platter above. 
Pair of Occupied Japan Figurines "A French Couple"  in Pinks & Greens with a little Blue!  Very Sweet! These are large ...not those tiny ones.

~$40.00~ for the Pair
 A small Pewter Dish with Perfect Green Apples
It works great for display or for serving.  This would work well for a Bathroom Tray or to keep you jewelry organized

 Cute!!  ~$5.00~
 Cute Little Pewter Bunny by Arthur Court , he opens for a great place for jewelry or to hide a treasure
Lovely, Lovely Copper Pot with Great Brass Feet and Brass Lions Heads to hold the rings.  This is a Heavy Pot with Wonderful Patina!!

The Green Candle Set is Pottery Barn. ~$5.00~

Sorry the book was a gift...just an accessory.

Just look at the Patina ~$25.00~
Cute Rolled Edge Copper Piece.  Great for Display or for your Bath Towels Rolled, a place to hold all the Paper Goods for the Picnic on the Deck....Tons of uses.
One of a Pair of a Framed Matted Botanical.  This is part of the Williamsburg Collection by the Bombay Company.
Here is the photo of the other print,  These have a Wonderful Vibrant Colors ~$20.00!

I will have more break downs for you tomorrow as well as the 3 Custom Furniture Projects we had for the week.  And a special treat, I will have a couple of Client photos of past projects in their homes.

We have tons and tons of stuff all arranged in our storage unit...ready for you to come and shop!!

If you have seen something in a previous post and need to see it closer or have questions...just let me know.

Please leave us some comments or questions on the Blog....We Really Do Love Your Ideas!!

Remember I am only a Phone Call, Text or Email away .

Stay in Touch!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It is Saturday...And Yes I am still Going Through all the Treasures!!

Ok, Who doesn't need a Rail Road Crossing Sign??   I love it!  Game Room?  Lake House....Your Personal Shed??  I couldn't pass it up!    Thomas, Mitchell and Nancy all looked at me with the same face "What the Heck are you thinking"??  A Great conversation Piece....and anyone that knows me, knows I love to conversate.  Is that a word?  Oh well...I like to Talk!!

Yep...Faded just enough!  I have a wire attached to the back.  Nice and sturdy, Ready to Hang!!  ~$45.00~

Wonderful Old Crate.  Love, Love an Old Crate .  Great Table, Great for Storage....Think about your Cabin , insert a Small Tin Wash Tub and serve your Beer!  Primitive house??  Great for Towel Storage.  College Student...Book Shelf.   Yes, I love old crates.

Side View....Great Crate! And Speaking of Crates....
 This Crate has a New Life. The bottom has been removed and pieces of other crates have created a Wall Shelf.  Or a Book Shelf.  Painted in a Yellow/Green and Faded Chippy Paint.  Another one of those things I needed. 
 Just too cute to leave behind ~ $14.00~

A Shelf? A Planter? It Works for both. So Charming with all of its details.  I told my entire Crew...This has Potential...OODLES of Charm!!
See it is Great this Way too.  I had it laying across the big Coffee Table in my post from Yesterday and it is great for display!  I covet this...I don't even know why.  But Someone needs to buy this and let me hang it in their home and accessorize it.  Love it!!
Another Precious Little Stool.  Not as dark as the other one but sturdy and Cute.
It is in good shape.  Many uses.  Perfect for a step up.  A Child's Room.  Painted or Natural ~$22.00~

Remember if you see something in any of the shots that I didn't mention..just ask.  I will get it all listed individually at some point.  Or I have it all displayed in my storage unit.  As I finish it we take it and leave it until it finds it's new home.  Come browse.  I have things that I just haven't put on here.

I am only a Phone Call, Text or Email Away....Try to Stay Cool.  Spend Some Family Time and Remember those Brave Men and Women who are Defending our Great Nation.  Remember Those that have given their Lives for OUR Freedom.  

Happy Memorial Day!!

Stay in Touch !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday!! More Stuff.......

I promised I got lots of things on my Junkin Trip....and here is a taste of some of the things.  If there is something that you like or would like to know more about, please do not hesitate to ask.  If you leave me a question here on the blog I will answer, I Promise.  If you want a closer look or photo send me an email and I will be happy to send you a few closer shots!

With that said I will high light a few things and then a few more tomorrow .  And, I still have more to come.....

What do you think about this perfect Cottage Green Table??  I Love It!!  It has a drawer, nice spindle legs and the best part is it is only $35....Yep that is all.

A little better shot, it measures 25 1/2 inches in height, 15 inches in Depth and 15 inches in width.
Supper Sweet!  Perfect to Rest Beside the bed or Perch between a Pair of Chairs.

This Vintage Trunk is Small.  These are really hard to come by and the details are wonderful. It measures 13 1/2 inches in Height, 26 1/2 inches in Length and 13 inches in Depth.

Original Clasp. .  I have many  shots of this piece ..just ask.  $60 for this Treasure!!
 I guess you can tell I love this color...well it just seems to fit these pieces.  This is a child's Bench.  But, It is Heavy, So Sturdy and look at the details. It looks like a child size Pew... It Measures 31 inches tall, 11 inches in Depth and 24 inches across...

Great Lines...Just Shabby enough  $35
A Lovely Vintage Mirror with so much Detail, 1950's I think.  So Shabby in White with Faded Gold Details.  Ready to Hang, it measures 37 1/4 inches Tall and 28 1/4 inches across
This really does not do it justice...It has details on the side and the bottom....Just lovely $50

I will leave you with just a few shots of groupings....
Remember to be Safe Over This Long labor Day Weekend!

Many , Many Thanks to all of you.  The chest and Desk from yesterday have already found a New Home.

Don't go Too Far ....I will begin to separate some of these things tomorrow and Show Case a Few more of the Larger Items .

Remember to leave us your comments ...We Love to Hear Your Thoughts !! Try to Stay Cool...K